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RSS Browser for Joomla 3


RSS Browser module to import RSS Feeds and show full-text feed messages in a customizable modal window with navigation.
Native Joomla 3.x version
RSS news page opens in a modal window, so the user does not have to leave your site or switch to another window to read all news provided.

Better error handling

Some more features:

  • New in 3.4: select from 4 window styles
  • Modal Window draggable
  • New in 3.3: Prepend or append feed item date to title in user defined format
  • UNLIMITED number of feeds (use reasonably!)
  • Adjustable caching time
  • Support for UTF-8 or any character set
  • Displayed news titles can be limited in number and characters to be displayed.
  • Tooltip can be limited to display title or title/description (to be limited by word count).
  • Customizable height and width of news browser.
  • Show full or shortened feed description in tooltip and/or text
  • Display full news in a modal window or alternatively in a popup browser window.
  • Improved error logging (error display optional) in 3.4.2
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